I felt like my favorite mutant deserved a post. 🦋 🍎 🦋

She's Penance from the 1990s comic Generation X, more recently known as Hollow in The Loners & Avengers Academy comics.

There's another X-Men character right now calling herself Penance, but that's a separate entity as far as I know (Krakoa X-Men comics are weird!).

The 1st pic is by Chris Bachalo, 2nd = Mike Anderson


Gen X info: aiptcomics.com/2021/07/21/gene

It's hard to know what to say about myself, because I mainly spend my time caring about television, movies, games, etc.

I guess you could say the causes that are most personal to me are seeing the true Penance restored to Marvel Comics (see my Avatar picture) and playing Final Fantasy VII games (see my banner).

I'm also a writer. I say that, but I haven't done a ton of writing in the past decade. The most writing I've done recently is for an online forum roleplay.

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