So, uh, I made a couple of things. Please share if you feel so inclined:


maia selfie, boosts ok 

type of girl who just did a speedrun of showering, redoing nails, doing lips, cleaning up hair and finding somewhat okay outfit and is now on its way to a party

gender, ~, past pain, confidence 

people talking about gender.. i had complex gender like that ripped out of me by mean people and am trying to find the confidence to properly put my gender back together how it was, im a girl, but there is more to it and im scared to say it in case people hate me again.. though i dont see why its a problem when my gender changes nothing for others and doesn't do any harm

Been thinking about ways to use sites like Mastodon and Pixelfed in the process of running a tabletop RPG.

Hello, I'm Novimatrem, or Novi, earth-name zoey - happy to be here, thanks for the invite @dungeon_master 💙

This account will probably just be a safety backup for me, for in-case something goes wrong with the others, or the instances of the others.

In the meantime, you can see what I'm up to at

Feel free to follow, and I'll probably follow a few from here- but I may not post too actively on this instance, at least to start with

Once again thanks for the invite + help

So in trying out different Fediverse instances, I set up a pleroma instance, as well as mastodon. Now maybe I just picked some bad relays, but I did not feel like I had created an environment that was safe to post on.

I'm starting to see the differences between pleroma and mastodon. I set up a pleroma instance, added a few relays, and almost immediately regretted that second part. It may not last.

Ventured back onto twitch for the first time in a while. I still don't like looking at myself.

It never matters how much I have something I want to say, as soon as I open the window to type, my mind goes blank.

So I'll just say "Hey there, you matter. Keep being awesome."

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