non vegan food crimes 

@deletescape That nearly made me physically ill. How did that work out?

@monorail Is neopets still playable? I probably just have a couple skeletons, at this point.

So, uh, I made a couple of things. Please share if you feel so inclined:


@monorail Honestly, I don't feel any shame in it. I just really enjoy coming up with ideas, and it feels like cheating to recreate someone else's work, when originality is my goal. But I also never built for savagery, I built what I'd enjoy playing.

@monorail So I fired up Arena for the first time in a while. So much has happened in 9 years, I can't even keep up wth all the new mechanics. It's nice that Arena defines everything for you. But I feel like I need to study before I can come up with a decent deck strategy, without net-decking.

@the_feral_housewife I never did get up the gumption to paint the Mansions minis. I started on Shadows of Brimstone, and ran out of steam far too quickly. Though I would like to paint up the MoM minis to play with Arkham Horror 2nd Ed.

maia selfie, boosts ok 

type of girl who just did a speedrun of showering, redoing nails, doing lips, cleaning up hair and finding somewhat okay outfit and is now on its way to a party

gender, ~, past pain, confidence 

people talking about gender.. i had complex gender like that ripped out of me by mean people and am trying to find the confidence to properly put my gender back together how it was, im a girl, but there is more to it and im scared to say it in case people hate me again.. though i dont see why its a problem when my gender changes nothing for others and doesn't do any harm

@the_feral_housewife Have you ever reprinted any of the plastic ones they put out with D&D 10 years ago or so?

@monorail I love drafting, especially a new set. I played from 1994 until 2013.

Been thinking about ways to use sites like Mastodon and Pixelfed in the process of running a tabletop RPG.

@monorail Ack, I do that too. I'll leave a message unread, because I want to remember to do something about it, and i'll keep starting to click it cause it's habit.

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