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Ventured back onto twitch for the first time in a while. I still don't like looking at myself.

It never matters how much I have something I want to say, as soon as I open the window to type, my mind goes blank.

So I'll just say "Hey there, you matter. Keep being awesome."

Mastodon, check.
Pixelfed, check.
Funkwhale, check.
Peertube, check.
Misskey, check, though it seems I broke it or deleted it.

What other fun federated things can I try to put together?

Rebuilt my Tie Interceptor. Had to order some pieces, and I'm still missing two little ones.

I just spent an hour looking for a problem in my code until I noticed that I accidentally confused two variables in one line. I had to remove three letters to fix everything.

Its always the small stuff...

Was performing some lengthy account maintenance, if you're somehow seeing this toot, and I accidentally unfollowed you, or made you accidentally unfollow me, please re-follow and I'll follow you also. sorry!

boost this toot please

@dungeon_master the cap isn't very precise, for me, i set it to 256kbps up and down, and gave me 1.2mbps down, 0.5mbps up, but it's close enough to fix the problems I was having with large downloads

the top article with wondershaper, is what worked fine for me,

i didn't try the second article i'd linked to, as my problem was resolved

If there's someone who can give me advice regarding federated images and previews, I would greatly appreciate the help.

If images that come from other instances show as "Not available" and open from their original source when I click them, does that mean I have something misconfigured on MY instance?

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