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The best thing about Twitter is that absolutely everyone got their money's worth out of it.

Except one guy.

Lads this site depends on retoots not likes. So don't be stingy on the sharing of other people's posts - especially new folks just arrived & looking for new pals 😊 We all need to get into a sharing headspace 🥰

#introduction Trying this again from new account (sigh)!

Hi, I'm Jason, a tabletop game designer from the Seattle area. I'm co-designer of the Skull Canyon: Ski Fest board game, published by Pandasaurus Games. I love to ski, play games (obviously), and really enjoy the creative process of designing games. I work with computers all day long so find it pretty refreshing to engage with family and friends around a table without screens! Glad to be here and to meet some new people in this space.

I tried to take a photo of a grasshopper on my windshield, but now it looks like it's gigantic and destroying the town.

I guess an since I am seeing that as a common post.

I am a nerdy dad that's makes a living running an analytical chemistry lab at a recognizable university.

My past times are (especially ), and reading .

I set up at smaller Comic, Toy, and Collectible shows with and run one as well, the

And I have been dabbling with

My DM at BRM made this depiction of Thorabs. We must remember Thorabs' Prime Directive: if it's a class M planet, he's not wearing a shirt.

#introduction Tony tooting at you from beyond the Rifts locked in Nano Battle!

When that's not happening I'm a married man with two little monsters I'm trying to shape into awesome people. Graphic designer by trade, board gamer for life, TCGs to wargames like 40k.

Picked up a lot of skills during covid like 3D sculpting and web design all to make my dream tabletop combat game. You play with
durable little bendy plastic figures like the #MUSCLE figures of the 80's! Live at 💥

Hey everyone! Meeple Mountain is a board game media outlet publishing written (and video) reviews, news, articles, lists, and humor. Glad to be here! #introduction

#introduction time.

The main reason I'm here is cause I'm looking for #MtG related servers. I mostly play EDH both on #cockatrice and at my local store.

I'm also into #comics: anything good major universe titles, weird and violent self-printed books from Japan, YA books by queer creators... I'm not super picky about genre.

I have a similar approach to music. Lots of genres as long as it is good (favoring experimental sounds).

In my work hours, I write code.

#introductions Hi,! Long time gamer, first time Mastodonian. I mostly play #18xx these days because I love both async play and slow motion trainwrecks. I also enjoy wargames but still haven't figured out vassal. Please, someone help me play async blind swords!

I'm moving to Spain in a few weeks, which is all very exciting. I play #wargames but mostly I collect wargames... ditto tabletop games.

I look forward to skulking around here and reading your strategy and theory articles!

I work in tabletop distribution as well as I'm a fan and consumer.
Glad to be here!

the truly fucked thing is that this is genuinely a really good picture of me

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Hi everyone! We are LudiCreations, and we publish board games.
They tend to have weird themes that make you go "huh" and components that make you go "wow". Some of them are fun to play too.

Hopefully this will be an inclusive and fun space for all who enjoy sitting around a table with some cardboard & wood (and hazelnut spread) on it!

Sorry for the downtime today, folks! I realized we were still a version behind, so I started to get us update. And, uh, got pulled away mid-upgrade.

#Introduction Hi there, my name is Jon and I'm a comedy writer turned board game YouTuber.

My channel is called Actualol. I've been making board game reviews, Top 10s and the odd comedy song for seven years.

The Actualol guarantee is that if you watch one of my videos you WILL actually laugh out loud or get your money back. (They're free).


Hey everyone - My name is Chris Barrows and like many of you, I"m still adjusting to this service.

I'm a big board game fan (duh) and one half of the Tabletop Express (YouTube).

My favorite game of all-time is Scythe - and the latest game I picked up is Port royal (big box, donating my original to the library).

Hoping to connect with everyone and test this out a bit more in the coming weeks!

@dungeon_master someone needs to give us buildings for RPG libraries. Perhaps if we donate enough, they'll make a section and we can be the gateway to others joining us! We worked out we own enough to formally be a library

#Mastodon is like starting a new RPG. You start off with no party and kinda lost, but over time you gather comrades and gain experience and confidence in equal measure. You're gonna be okay :)

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