Finally watched Hereditary, and now I realize why no one ever talks about Hereditary.🤫 🤯

Look what I got in the mail today! Five big fish awards and three water body records from ! I'm only one away from the Elite Saltwater cert.

@groostley I can't respond to your post, but everytime I see the HeroForge mini I made for your character, I get a good laugh. Time well spent.


• S2 of Ted Lasso, as recommended by OOAC, ep.114, Damnation Arcs [ ]
• The count to 51 and 219 continues, Democrats retain the Senate.
• Pecan cracking w/ @groostley
• Luby's meatloaf with funeral salad
• Waffles hangs out


Here's an old photo of Rosy, because you need more puppy pics

My DM at BRM made this depiction of Thorabs. We must remember Thorabs' Prime Directive: if it's a class M planet, he's not wearing a shirt.

I've been drifting away from social media for a while now. Most of it is too commercial, too obnoxious. So high hopes for Mastodon!

I've got a lot of hobbies, RPGs being maybe the second or third most time consuming. I'm currently DMing a Pathfinder game, we're about halfway through Curse of the Crimson Throne. I've also got several podcasts, the most active being Bad Roll Models, where we play 80s RPGs, currently Star Trek FASA. I'm taking a break from DMing with that one

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