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Ableism, interview process, Autism, eye contact 

So, I am going through an info sheet I got along with my invitation to the interview & I cannot believe I just read this (will paraphrase): "Please pay attention to your body language - it is important to make eye contact! ...."

WTAF!!?? This needs to change!
This makes me feel angry & frustrated! They want to be so inclusive & diverse & then this??!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Great, so more highly masking people... 😑

#ActuallyAustic #AutisticStruggles #Ableism

I dont know if #socialistsunday is a thing on Mastodon but thought it might help others find me

Many of our community know me already if on Twitter,I'm an NHS Nurse fighting 2 years now for fair pay for NHS workers. Now we are on the brink of strike we need support to see this through

Please consider following and maybe a boost to help me connect with others

Thank you 😊

Our little instance has grown substantially in the last month or so. But we have room to grow more. :) Please feel free to recommend us to other gaming friends. And if you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to tag me or message me directly.

@knittymag @Freyalyn Amy, I can't recall where you are exactly, but worth seeing if Snag tights will ship to you - v size inclusive, fabulous patterns etc and they have lasted really well for me. I use them for boots/tights/skirt combo when I have to do public speaking stuff & I want to feel cute ☺️

Welp, we had a Covid Exposure around here.

We had a small group of family gather for the holiday. Our protocol was for everyone to test daily before gathering, keep CR boxes running in the space, and have vent fans on and windows cracked. Everyone in this group agreed that in the weeks leading up, they would wear an N95 minimum while inside anywhere people are or have been, so these precautions seemed sufficient.

As it turns out, several of our old folks had been convinced *by their health care providers* that a surgical mask was sufficient protection from Covid. These are high-risk people with lots of co-morbidities. One of these guys just popped positive today.

I'm irritated that my people changed the plan without telling me, but I really feel they've been fooled. I'm particularly angry that Covid has been framed as an individual problem. This is about community. Whether you get and spread Covid affects the community. Had a mild case? Who gives a shit. You very well may have given it to someone who died of it, and who you never spoke to nor will ever see again. We are all responsible.


Things seem to have transferred properly now, so ...
A new #introduction!

Hello! I'm Marion, the Keeper of the Knitronomicon (just ask...), I'm into:
#reading #ScienceFiction #Loki
#socks #shawls #hats #cats
And I have #asthma.

In a high-fantasy #dnd setting, consider making the villain a rich, upstanding member of high society.

In such a situation, killing the villain is not a long-term solution, since their allies will just raise them from the dead.

Thus, if the PCs want to defeat this villain, they will need to ruin their reputations and take away their support network first. Which is no less of a challenge than a simple killing, and provide plenty of fodder for adventures!


Proof of cat was suggested as a way of finding people, so, here’s Madmartigan

Normalize Black people coming to this app being safe to speak their minds. What we bring up might abut internal discomfort and biases that you might hold. That is not the minoritized person’s responsibility, though, to educate you, coddle you, to do the work for you. It is your responsibility to not create yet another space where Black people are marginalized or silenced.
I’ve been calculated about bringing this up and now is the time.💖✊🏽
#Black #BlackPride #Minoritized #Responsibility #unity

#dnd wasn't really based on "Medieval Europe".

It was based on American conceptions about Medieval Europe, which is another thing entirely. American notions are clear to see - most notably the #WildWest concept of a "frontier" that needs to be "tamed" and "cleared out", which comes with its own baggage.

Charles Dickens would have had plenty of material to work with in Tory Britain, shameful. #ToryChaos

$44B is actually a small price to pay to destroy the platform used to organize labor unions at Starbucks, Amazon, and other companies with a combined market cap over a TRILLION dollars. The timing is definitely not an accident.

Reblog if you think everywhere should be a safe place for the #LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

If you are an #ally I want to follow you.

The public is being lied to & brainwashed by the libertarian think tanks, the foreign-owned non-taxpaying right-wing papers, and the client journalists. Worst of all we are paying for the BBC propaganda channel via the license fee, which freely platforms climate deniers & right-wing liars like Farage etc, and never challenges their blatant lies and propaganda.
#DetestToryValues #DetestTories

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