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I just learned that "vrede" in Swedish means anger, while in Dutch it means peace🧐 Not confusing at all😂 #svenska #nederlands #LanguageLearning #language

In all this, I strangely miss monolithic, frameworkless Java EE apps with a kilometric web.xml.

Just masochism, I suppose.

Spring Boot is like:

"Ok, I'll start the app for you"
"How do you do this?"
"Just trust me"

Next week: Dark Tranquillity and Ensiferum live! Can't wait!

Chess lessons.
After solving some problems: hahaha, Magnus Carlsen, prepare! I'll destroy you!

After being defeated again by a medium-level bot: bwaaaahaaahaaa, I'm a failureee-eee-eeeh !!

Thank you @dungeon_master ! I'm Alex, from Italy. I love boardgames, videogames and RPGs. My favorite BG is 7 Wonders, I really love It!

I'm into World Of Darkness stuff. I started with Vampire The Masquerade (both as a player and ST), now I found my favorite one in Werewolf: The Forsaken from Chronicles Of Darkness. I tried some other RPG here and there.

Recently, I'm rediscovering... Skyrim. Yes, I never played it before. :-)

sooo, here I am. I'm quite curious to know about this new world. Hello everyone!

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