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Be sure to follow me in some other places I am on the fedi, so you don't miss anything..!

fat, poll 

am i spoiled for wanting an even bigger belly?

Feel free to follow me over at @novimatremhugemom (@novimatremhuge mom at )
because I'm spending a lot of time on there because it makes me feel comfy and happy in my heart, mind, and soul- I'm very much pleased with it so far, and thanks to @miku for making this all happen so I can have a safe wonderful space to be me, on there

i barely see any large anime girls on the fedi, somebody should make an image bot. seriously, like, large girls are so under-represented, it doesn't even need to be an nsfw one, would actually be better if it wasn't

It's going to be harder for me to see media on the fediverse due to protection I've had to apply to hide them, due to obvious reasons if you're aware of the current issues with transphobic harrassment on here, this means I may interact with your image/media-based posts less often, or not at all, but it's not out of malliace, I apologise

serious, self-harm, advice, safety, psa 

if you self-harm in a way that's applcable, please ensure that you at the very least take steps to prevent infection. be sure to wash the area with water (and if you can, soapy water, though that can tend to sting if you've already hurt there before), and after the act, washing again, and wrapping in bandages/using plasters to protect and cover the area from dirt and infection.

you do not deserve infection, it's not good. please take steps to prevent it.

I have another account that you may wish to follow, I'm there a lot right now because it makes me feel very comfortable and happy and relaxed, @novimatremhugemom (@novimatremhugemom at

Will be trying to follow everyone from my new account, I'm sorry if it's disruptive or annoying due to the import method used, it won't be too long or much

I'm about to import my follow peoples because it's a lot easier than following everyone one-by-one, or account by account, I'm sorry if you receive a follow request and you don't like this account, or otherwise aren't suitable to it- please feel free to not accept it/mute me/block me, whatever you wish.
#introduction #introductions #newhere

Hi, I’m Novi- or novimatrem
i'm a pansexual polyamorous cat-kin (otherkin) girl, with the pronouns of ♀️ she/her/hers

I’m a sleepy web developer and Linux tinkerer, from the UK. basically a big nerd for technology, programming, computer stuff, etc.

I'm a fat cat-girl 🤰 - a pacifist, and notably tired all the time, because of my very large weight- but please try to be kind about it

have been on the fedi for a while already, but this is my first time using pleroma, it's interesting!

feel free to follow me, and we can do the pleroma chats thing if you wish, that's a pretty cool feature

glad to be here, please be accepting, and maybe boost (repeat) this post to help me out~
my heart is beating so fast and hard.., either because i'm excited/hopeful/slightly worried about having this new fedi thing, or because i'm just so very fat, maybe both?~ 🤰

fedi is just a scroll of un-cw'd doom and gloom

why do we have these systems to protect each other if we don't use them

i might just stop bothering to open this, for a while

ahh, it's nice to go through past photos and posts and remember the good times (not that the good times have stopped, at all 💚 things are pretty good rn too)

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